New Science for Treating Bleeding Cuts

Accidents can be dramatic and scary, especially when blood is involved.

dreamstime_8654193For years, we’ve been instructed to use gauze, tape, adhesive bandages, ointments and more to treat the wound. But as we all know, those aids don’t necessarily work quickly or efficiently when we need it most. And it can cause lots of anxiety for you and the loved one you’re treating.

Here’s two reasons why traditional first aids fail:

1. For seniors on certain medications, the body’s ability to clot blood – and stop bleeding – is muted. Meaning they can bleed for hours or days until it finally stops.

2. Gauze and adhesive bandages tend to stick to the wound as the body creates a natural scab. Hence, when you remove the gauze or bandage, you rip open the wound and start bleeding all over again.

Today, there’s a new science – called WoundSeal – that medical professionals have used for nearly a decade in hospitals and clinics around the country. WoundSeal is a hemostatic topical powder that forms an instant scab on contact to stop bleeding instantly. The product works by combining with the wound’s own blood to form an artificial seal. The scab stops bleeding in seconds and falls off naturally as the wound heals.

Simply put, in your most anxious moments, this product works like no other first aid to get you back into life safely and with peace of mind.

WoundSeal – Reinventing First Aid in America.

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