Be Both: Heart Healthy And Control Bleeding!

If you are person who takes anticoagulants, you’ve probably experienced that to be heart healthy and strong, you have to put up with easy and prolonged bleeding when an accident strikes. The reason: your meds thin your blood so they can’t clot as easy. While good for the heart, when you get a cut, the body can’t easily clot the bleeding to make it stop. In many cases, the bleeding can last for hours if not days.

Unfortunately, in a couple of studies, including one Biolife did in 2015 – read story here, statistics show that as much as 20 percent of┬ápeople taking medications stop taking them because of the nuisance bleeding factor.

But there is a solution to be heart healthy AND stop bleeding… it is called WoundSeal.

Working outside of the body’s ability to clot, the topical powder forms an instant scab or seal to stop bleeding in seconds when it combines with blood. ┬áSince the powder doesn’t enter the body’s bloodstream, it is safe to use despite what medication you may be taking.

So with WoundSeal, you can remain taking the medications you need to be heart healthy AND stop bleeding whenever it happens.

WoundSeal:  Revolutionizing first aid in America.