Today’s First Aid Is Like Choosing Between A Horse & Buggy & A Sports Car!

Untitled-1Technology and innovation are continually changing our lives for the better.  For example:

You wouldn’t use a horse & buggy to travel a 100 miles, you’d take a car.

You wouldn’t use a tin can and string to make a call, you’d use a smartphone.

And you wouldn’t use a stamp and envelope to send a vital message, you’d use e-mail.

So, if you’re up-to-speed on today’s innovations, then why use a 100-year old product – the bandage – to treat a bleeding wound? Throw out the old way and embrace the new science doctors have proven to work in hospitals around the country: WoundSeal.

WoundSeal does what bandages, gauze and even Mother Nature can’t: Stop bleeding instantly! The topical powder works as a hemostat by combining with blood to form a protective seal in seconds. Unlike bandages that can rip open the wound upon changing, WoundSeal’s artificial scab stays in place until the wound is healed.

Stop using 100 year practices and put the tin can and string away…. Use WoundSeal and use your smartphone to tell all of your friends how advanced you are!

WoundSeal:  Revolutionizing first aid in America!