What Celebrity Mentioned He Uses WoundSeal To The New York Times?

WoundSealPackagingsmA big shout out to Sarasota native Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman, who said great things about WoundSeal during an interview with a New York Times reporter this week. See the mention below.


Pee-wee’s Big Comeback

After disappearing for nearly three decades, Paul Reubens’s subversive alter ego returns — and seems more radical than ever.


FEB. 10, 2016


Fifth paragraph in story:

Reubens’s relationship to the success he achieved is, to put it mildly, conflicted; he’s both deeply warm and deeply guarded, and even before his fame gave way to infamy after his 1991 arrest on charges of indecent exposure, he weighed his ambition to reach ever-bigger audiences against the high premium he put on privacy. The decision to bring me to a chain drugstore was, in part, an act of deflection, but even so, our visit took a few autobiographical swerves. Leaving the Sleevey Wonders, we entered a section marked Wound Care.

‘Where is it, where is it?’’ Reubens asked, growing suddenly agitated as he scanned the shelves. ‘‘Where’s, um, like, stop-bleeding stuff?’’ he asked a clerk, who led him to the right place. He snatched up a product called WoundSeal. ‘‘This is stuff that my mom showed me, and as soon as she did, she cut herself, and I got to use it: You tear open this little packet, pour it on the cut and it stops immediately. So instead of going to the emergency room, or dying, you put this on.’’ He flipped the box over to show me that, like Reubens himself, WoundSeal came from Sarasota. ‘‘I have this in my car right now,’’ he said.

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