First Aid That Works

From Louis M. Guzzi, M.D., a prominent critical care physician specializing in senior healthcare:

“While technology and medications have advanced to make seniors healthier and stronger, wound care treatments in the home have not progressed in a 100 years since most still use adhesive bandages, which can do more harm than good for some seniors. I’m glad WoundSeal went from exclusive hospital use to home use to benefit anyone who suffers a bleeding injury.”


Study Shows Seniors Stop Taking Medications Because of Easy Bleeding

In a recent study of 100 men 45 years of age or older conducted by WoundSeal, 20 percent reported they stopped taking the prescribed medications because when they bled, it made it difficult to stop bleeding quickly or easily. This astonishing statistic is a 200 percent increase from a similar 2008 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

“Today’s first aid products just don’t work for seniors because they simply don’t match a senior’s health needs as they age,” states Dr. Guzzi. “As a doctor, I know that, for many of them, treating a bleeding wound with traditional first aid products is a frustrating experience. Bandages or gauze don’t stop bleeding quickly (or at all) and the adhesives and tape can rip the skin to cause re-bleeding when changing a bloody bandage.”

A Proven First Aid Solution For Seniors & Everyone Else

Used in hospitals around the country and now in 25,000 pharmacies for home use, WoundSeal is clinically proven to stop bleeding. Working independent of the body’s natural ability to coagulate blood – hence working with any medication a person may be taking – WoundSeal creates an instant, protective scab upon contact with blood. Through a simple pour and press application, bleeding stops in seconds as the artificial scab forms. As the wound heals, the scab falls off naturally.

Guaranteed To Work… Try It Today

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