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WoundSeal – Stop bleeding instantly!

WoundSeal is widely available in thousands of retail locations nationwide.

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WoundSeal Retail 2016WoundSeal for Cuts and Lacerations

Topical Powder that Stops Bleeding Instantly, even if you bleed easily. It seals and protects the wound. Each pack of WoundSeal contains 4 convenient, single-use tubes.

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WoundSeal + Applicator

Topical Powder with special applicator for hard-to-reach wounds. Each application comes in a portable pouch that contains the Powder, an Applicator and Usage Instructions.

To purchase WoundSeal + Applicator,
contact your local preferred pharmacy and provide
them with the item codes below from the suppliers they buy from.

  • •  Cardinal: 5077466
  • •  McKesson: 1199082
  • •  Amerisource Bergen: 186-647
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