the People’s Pharmacy talks about WoundSeal

First Aid Kit

Joe and Terry Graedon answer a reader’s question.  Click on the link to read the full article HERE

Q. I take blood thinners and spend a lot of time outdoors. I am looking for something I can carry in my first aid kit to stop bleeding in case I get a minor cut. What do you recommend?

A. We trust you are checking in with your doctor regularly to make sure that your anticoagulant dose is correct. Even if it is, however, you may bleed more easily than others because of your medication.

You might want to carry WoundSeal with you. This powder mixes instantly with blood and forms a covering that stops bleeding quickly.

It works for cuts, scratches and abrasions and is especially helpful for people like you who may bleed easily. You will find WoundSeal in pharmacies in the first aid section.