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More Than First Aid, Breakthrough Gear For The Great Outdoors.

When in the great outdoors, where knives, fishing hooks, axes and nature’s sharp edges are an everyday occurrence, accidents happen that produce cuts or lacerations miles away from home or the nearest hospital.

When bleeding happens, many sportsmen don’t seek first aid because 1) they don’t want to stop what they love to do,  2) they don’t want to leave their post (hunting/fishing), 3) traditional first aid products – gauze, tape, bandages – often fail to stop bleeding quickly and 4) most aids get wet or fall off from activity to expose the wound.

That’s why WoundSeal® was developed.

Used nearly a half a million times by physicians around the country, the topical powder in WoundSeal® binds with the wound’s own blood to create an instant, durable and waterproof seal/scab.

WoundSeal® … survival gear every hunter and fisherman needs in the great outdoors.