The Facts

The Medical Breakthrough Facts:

Three Generations WoundSeal

1. From kids to grandparents, WoundSeal® is safe for the entire family.

2. The topical powder has been used more than 500,000 times by health professionals around the country.

3. Doctors, cardiologists, dermatologists, emergency technicians and other health care professionals have trusted and used a version of WoundSeal for nearly 10 years in many hospitals – including the top teaching ones.

4. The topical powder used in WoundSeal® has passed all FDA-required safety tests.

5. The powder has passed numerous clinical studies, including one from the U.S. Department of Defense. Read the studies here.

6. The topical powder stops bleeding in seconds by forming an instant scab when applied to the wound.

7. The scab remains in place until the wound is healed and then falls off naturally.

8. WoundSeal® is unique in that it works independently of the body’s blood clotting cascade to create the scab.

9. The powder reduces treatment time from minutes or hours to just seconds.

10. WoundSeal®  is guaranteed to work.

11. WoundSeal® is available without a prescription.