I’m A Boater

Create An Instant, Durable Scab To Stop Bleeding Instantly.

The thrill and adventure of boating can take you and friends miles away from home. And while you’re enjoying the high seas, it can take you miles away from first aid when accidents happen.

That’s why WoundSeal® was developed… to stop bleeding wounds anytime, anywhere life takes you.

Let’s face it, accidents can happen – and bleeding occurs – when trying to cut with a sharp knife in choppy waters, fish with hooks and knives and/or scrub the barnacles off the port bow.

While you may pack a first aid kit onboard, often the traditional products fail to work because they get wet and fall off… causing bleeding to continue and possibly staining your boat’s interior.

WoundSeal® Topical Powder stops bleeding cuts instantly by creating a durable, protective scab in seconds… and a waterproof scab in less than an hour!

Used nearly half a million times by physicians, WoundSeal® is more than first aid, it is survival gear every boater needs to have when miles away from home.