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Don’t Rough It When You’re Miles Away From Home.

With an active family hits the open road or a great state park campground, accidents happen – cooking, cutting wood, hiking – around the campsite.

When it happens, many don’t seek first aid because 1) they didn’t pack the traditional four to five aids that take up space, 2) traditional first aid products – gauze, tape, bandages – often fail to stop bleeding quickly and 3) most aids get wet or fall off from activity to expose the wound.

That’s why WoundSeal® was developed.

Used nearly a half a million times by physicians around the country, the topical powder in WoundSeal® binds with the wound’s own blood to create an instant, durable and waterproof seal/scab. As pressure is applied to the powder, the natural glue-like nature of drying blood adheres the seal to the wound and surrounding skin.

WoundSeal® … survival gear for you and your family when accidents happen miles away from home.