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Actual Testimonials

  • I was in my garage cutting stained glass for a collage for my daughter’s window. As I was working it into the frame, somehow, I managed to cut my finger pretty bad. I had a first aid kit and saw WoundSeal my wife had bought and applied it.  With a simple pour and press, the bleeding stopped and I was able to complete my project with little mess on me or the glass. It could have been a lot worse but it wasn’t thanks to WoundSeal.

    Steve R., Boulder, Colo.

    — Cut Hand On Glass
  • Thanks for a great product! I was hunting with friends, miles away from camp, when I fell and cut my hand on some rocks. With no first aid kit around, I remembered I had WoundSeal in my pocket. I used it and it stopped bleeding as you promised. I remained in the hunt and had a great day. Everyone should have this product.

    Jay P., Wooster, Ohio

    — Hunting Accident
  • Just used some on my Dad. He is 80 and bleeds easily. Our dog accidentally scratched him & he was bleeding & it wasn’t clotting off. I went online & searched for a remedy & found out about WoundSeal.  I bought an extra package to carry with me & I’m glad I did. It will be handy in case of any nick or cut we might incur. I would recommend it to any caregiver with someone who bleeds easily/or has thin skin.  D. Beard, TN

    — The dog scratched my dad
  • “Works fabulously!  I had WoundSeal in my handbag and it worked like a charm. Terrific!”
    C. Zerbe, FL

    — Works Fabulously!
  • My Husband is being treated for skin cancer on his face in several areas . Frequently he experiences bleeding that pressure will not control. We tried WoundSeal and it worked immediately!  We both are certainly telling everyone about it. Thank you for your wonderful product. We will never be without it.
    M. Berry, AL

    — Bleeding from Skin Cancer removal – WoundSeal works immediately!
  • My dermatology surgery practice has found a real secret weapon – WoundSeal Powder!   (more…)

    — M. Dunn, MD, Mohs Micrographic Surgeon
  • “It is great – we are going to tell all our loved ones about it for it really works.  (more…)

    — Jacksonville Customer
  • ” I’m writing this to thank you, it worked great!  I frequently go to cardio rehab and always bang myself and bleed very easily. (more…)

    — Port Orange Customer
  • “I  work in the food preparation industry. I was at work working with a knife and neglected to put on my safety gloves. I cut myself and was bleeding profusely. (more…)

    — Baptist Regional Medical Center
  • “I will keep WoundSeal in my home! I have been diagnosed with severe myelodysplasia, a bone marrow cancer which causes low platelets and low red cells… I can’t afford to lose a drop of blood.  (more…)

    — Cancer Survivor
  • I have been in practice 22 years and have used several products for wound care.  None of them are as effective and easy to use as WoundSeal.  (more…)

    — K. Brattain, DPM, Methodist Wound and Vascular Care Center
  • “I have found WoundSeal Powder particularly helpful in a broad range of bleeding events.  I use it frequently and it works very well for deep abrasions, avulsions, skin tears, cuts, punctures, varicose veins and anterior epistaxis.  (more…)

    — R. Cordle, MD, FACEP, FAAP, PEM