I Bleed Easily

Regain Your Confidence And Independence With WoundSeal®.

Only people with thin skin know how much they bleed when a small cut occurs.

A simple nick with a kitchen knife or an accidental elbow bump on the door can cause a bleeding episode that lasts for hours or even days.

It’s a frustrating time only made worse by first aid products that 1) don’t stop bleeding quickly, 2) fall off causing blood to get all over clothes, furniture and floors and 3) dry to the wound that makes the wound reopen when changing the dressing.

But thanks to WoundSeal®, easy bleeders can take control of their bleeding and start living the lives they want to, not settle for what they have to.

WoundSeal® is the only first aid product that creates an instant scab (or seal) to stop bleeding in seconds. Guaranteed to work anytime, anywhere, WoundSeal® is safe and effective for all ages… making it ideal for mature adults who not only bleed easily but have active grandchildren.

WoundSeal® is convenient to carry and can be easily taken on cruises, golf courses, RVs and anywhere else life takes you.

With WoundSeal®, have the confidence to do what you love to do without fear knowing you have the power to stop bleeding anytime it happens.