I’m A Pet Owner

First Aid For Man’s Best Friend.

Pets are like family. When they’re hurt playing or while we cut their nails, we try to take care of them as we would any other family member. When you’re pet needs help with a bloody wound, WoundSeal® is there.

While any pet – from cats to horses – can suffer an injury, dogs are more susceptible. The main culprit, nail trimming. Dog nail bleeding can be painful since there are major blood vessels that run into his feet.

While bleeding may stop on its own, odds are that your pet will run away after suffering a cut… or pull away as you try to stop the bleeding nail using traditional aids that don’t work quickly… leaving a trail of blood in your home.

As it does on humans, WoundSeal® can stop a pet’s bleeding instantly through the creation of a scab when the powder is poured and pressed into place.

The next time your pet gets hurt, try WoundSeal® to get your four-legged friend back on his feet again… in seconds!