I’m A Tradesman

Stop Bleeding Instantly To Stay Productive On The Job… And Away From Unnecessary ER Trips.

Whether you’re a roofer using a hook knife to cut shingles on a rooftop or a mechanic trying to loosen a tight bolt under a car, accidents happen that produce bloody wounds on the job.

When accidents happens, many don’t seek first aid because 1) they don’t have a first aid kit on the jobsite or in a truck, 2) don’t use traditional first aid products – gauze, tape, bandages – because they know they often fail to stop bleeding quickly and 3) most aids get wet or fall off from activity to expose the wound.

That’s why there is WoundSeal®. Used nearly 500,000 times in hospitals, easy-to-use WoundSeal®:

  • Creates an instant, protective scab that stops bleeding in seconds…  Guaranteed.
  • Minimizes unnecessary trips to the ER.
  • Helps get workers back on the job.
  • Is classified as First Aid and is not OSHA-recordable

Instead of using aids that don’t work and only put your health and profession at risk, use WoundSeal®… survival gear for any job site.