How To Get Instant Medical Help When You Travel

The thrill and adventure of a vacation can take you and friends miles away from home. And while you’re enjoying the high seas or a restaurant in a new land, it can take you miles away from first aid when accidents happen.

Fishing WoundSealAs every senior knows, your skin thins as you age. Which means the smallest bump can cause the skin to tear and make you bleed. Coupled with certain medications, the smallest cut can last for hours if not days.

On vacation, miles away from a first aid kit or knowing where to get help, this can make the vacation of your dreams turn into something else.

Here are some tips for active seniors when you’re on vacation:

1. Carry WoundSeal in your pocket, purse or a glove box. The topical powder stops bleeding anytime, anywhere accidents happen. Even if you’re miles away from the hotel, cruise ship or campground, WoundSeal will seal and protect the wound in seconds to get you back into your activity quickly.

2. Plan ahead.  As you layout out the clothes, suntan lotion and medications you want to take on vacation, make sure you also pack first aid supplies. If you know you are accident prone, stock up on supplies since the destination you are visiting may not have what you require.

3. Wear long sleeve shirts and pants when you’re away from your hotel room. These types of clothes can provide an added level of protection from accidental bumps turning into a bloody skin tear.

4.  Communicate with hotel / ship staff if you are an “easy bleeder.” Notifying the staff in advance that you are prone to accidents and bleeding episodes can keep them alert if something happened. You can also tell them about the form of first aid that works best for you and even give them WoundSeal to keep on hand.

5.  Safety in numbers.  Traveling with a group is always a good idea.  Not only from a safety standpoint, but also from a medical perspective. If you suffer an accident, it is much easier for someone to provide treatment in your moment of need than you doing it by yourself.